Manju Raj

Licensee Salesperson

I take great pleasure in helping and working with clients and buyers beyond their expectations. My focus is results driven and my personal philosophy is to deliver services with a willingness to put in all necessary effort and carry out all necessary actions.

My keen eye for detail was developed in an earlier career of graphic design and advertising, the disciplines of which I have carried into successful real-estate marketing campaigns. My clients have shown high appreciation for not only the end-results, but also my meticulous approach towards ensuring that their properties are presented in the  most marketable and professional manner.

Manju, thank you so much for all the great work you put into selling my apartment in the Zest Complex in Auckland City .  The price you obtained was not just great, it was amazing; exactly what I asked for…. you must have worked really hard to have achieved this. Thank you too for all the extra work you did. I know, my being on holiday in Australia, meant many extra hours of work for you, including phoning the hotel and organising for them to do a lot work they would not have normally been prepared to do. You certainly went above and beyond what anyone could expect. My sincere thanks to you." Carol McCracken

My customers, particularly first home buyers, have appreciated my attention to detail as I have been able to help them with tedious paper work and to understand many aspects of the process that they were not aware of. Others have valued my honesty and the fact that I was able to put myself in their shoes.

I bought a really good apartment with Manju Raj’s help. Manju is trustworthy, very friendly, respectful, and always approachable. Manju always tries her best to help. She knows what customers want to know and gets back with answers ASAP….I thank Manju again for all her input” James Choi

It is great to be part of the highly successful City Realty Limited group and a dynamic support team which is networked across several offices in Auckland. This is a definite recipe for success.

I am very approachable and down-to-earth. You will find me easy to work with. I cater for all types of property sellers and buyers and all property types, from city apartments to suburban homes. My method of operation includes providing you with all the guidance, information, facts, reports and regular updates throughout the sales campaign. I believe in timely and accurate communication. My efforts and skills in negotiation will ensure a bridge is effectively built between a vendor and buyer. I enjoy the challenge of being a real-estate agent - which is all about effectively meeting the needs of both buyers and vendors and ensuring everyone comes out feeling satisfied.

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